Wednesday, April 15, 2009

some more pictures

In the Torre de Belem (tower of belem) where all the boats would take off to explore the world

Going to a party with Ines and Maria, cousins, and friends

Getting ready to go to a club for a friend's birthday

A nice seat in Cascais

The AFS semester students at orientation camp


  1. love the blog and descriptions of your life there. sounds like the sailing is wonderful..what was that run through Lisbon like?

  2. Hello, Im Filipa! I live in Lisbon and i want to go to USA with AFS on the 12th grade.. I loved your blog! I was wondering if you could give me your hotmail to talk to you about this ..
    I would like to meet someone from there before going and those things..
    Could be very good to me, Thank you

    P.s - and i'm sorry, my english sucks :p