Tuesday, January 27, 2009

First Day at School... Finally

This weekend was pretty fun. I went with Maria to a party at a bar that played music, so more like a disco. Tiago also went, but he mainly hung out with the other guys. At the bar we talked in the upstairs, then below there was dancing. It was pretty fun. Maria doesnt like to drink, but everybody else just drinks to feel comfortable. It was really late, though, and i think i get tired faster here because of the strain of trying to understand what is going on around me with the portuguese. We got home around 4 am.
~I finally went to a class at school! After stopping by the school 2 or 3 times to supposedly begin, I finally attended a class. It was Portuguese class, the same as an English class in the US but obviously entirely in Portuguese. I am now in the same class as two girls that are friends, Mariana and Vera. The class itself was fairly uneventful, because i couldn't understand much of what was happening around me and because i sit alone right in front of Vera and Mariana. The school is nice, it is very open and during passing periods full of people. I asked how many people attend, and i have received conflicting answers, but i guess there are at least 700, much bigger than teeny tiny Seward. There are about 25 or more people in my class. I am going to study Economy. That means i have math classes, economy classes, portuguese, english class, and pe. I also will have portuguese for foreigner classes at 7 two days a week.

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