Wednesday, January 7, 2009


My departure date from the US has now changed, just so everybody knows. I am leaving Seward on the 13th right after school and then will be spending the night in Anchorage with family. On the 14th I leave Anchorage at 8:00 am and I will be flying all around the country with numerous layovers until I finally arrive in New York City at 10:30 pm. I will spend the night in a hotel with the rest of the AFSers going to Ghana or Portugal, then in the morning I will go to the gateway orientation. Later in the evening the flight leaves for London, with a ten-hour layover, then we leave for Lisbon, Portugal (the capitol and largest city). In Lisbon we have a second orientation with all of arrivals from all over the world and after a couple days we get to go home with our new families!

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  1. Okay Allison Barnwell, I am writing this to you right after your visit to my classroom before leaving tonight. Good travels. Keep running. Have that tremendous experience.
    Coach M.