Sunday, February 8, 2009

A Few More Pictures

As promised, here are a few more pictures, but I will definitely take more because these are fairly silly. Portuguese do not like to have their pictures taken in the winter, because they say that they are too pale, though I find that funny because most people here are at least as tan as the tannest person in Seward.

This is Pintas (which means spots) the family dog. He is slightly crazy, but cute, and runs around the house and garden all day long.

This is my school, São João do Estoril. This is not a good shot, but basically the rest of the school looks similar. The campus is fairly large and the buildings are all spaced out. There are 4 buildings with classrooms and another with two gyms. I can't quite find my way around it yet, but my class is always there to help.

The roads here are typically pavement, but the sidewalks are all made of the smaller stones. The older roads, in the areas with more shops or in Lisboa (Lisbon) are all made of the small stones on top of sand. There are trees all over.


  1. Wow Alli - How did you get so lucky? That is a beautiful place. Do you use the gym? it is super duper cool, alli!!! i can't believe it!!jeez! hahahah.

  2. Great photos Alli! It's neat to see your host family's house and environs (dog too!). Please post more when you get time. We are having fun seeing you experience Portugal and life there.

    uncle charlie and crew