Saturday, February 21, 2009

A Little Bit of Bad News, a lot of Good

Well, Mr. Marshall, I dont know if you are going to read this but I will definitely send you an email, but I will not be able to race/run the half marathon i was planning on doing here in Cascais. There is a mandatory orientation camp in the North of Portugal that I am supposed to attend, and even though I have petitioned AFS they are saying that I have to be there that Saturday. But, there is another marathon in the Lisboa area, the Lisbon Marathon, which is huge and lots of high class European runners come to do it. So maybe I will be able to do that!
In other news, I found this lovely garden area that I may able to run in, Im not sure I still have to check it out.
I am now staying temporarily with another family while my real host family is away on vacations in Tanzania. They will come back on the 27th. My new family is Isabel and Maria. Isabel is the mom, and Maria is the 14 year old daughter. They are both the sweetest people possible and are trying to show me all the sights in the area. I have been to Lisbon now to see the Geronimo Church, a huge baroque style church with the tombs of Portugal's most famous author and Vasco de Gama, the explorer. I also saw some of the Moorish influence in the Castelo São George, where the nature is mixed with the simple architecture and it overlooks the city. Both sights were breathtaking.
I also went sailing! I now have sailing lessons each Friday. There are about 10 other highschoolers who sail as well, all of us in lasers, alone! This Friday I was in a different type of boat, much larger, just to see what it all is like, and it was so relaxing. The sailing people here are completely down to earth, in fact the lady i was in the boat with loves to play bluegrass music, something that nobody so far has ever heard of here in Portugal.
I will post some pictures of Lisbon as soon as i find the time and the place, but for now I hope everybody is enjoying the winter weather and skiing lots!

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