Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Just a Brief Update and Details

So, I have been with the Machados, Isabel and Maria, for 14 days and have had a fabulous time. I have been to the Old Lisboa, the Expo section (or new Lisboa), Viseu in the north, and many of Isabel's friends houses for parties and talking and such. I am also in vacations right now for Carnival, although the Portuguese don't celebrate quite like the Brazilians. Mainly the little kids dress up and play games in parks. And I am going to an Orientation Camp in Viseu this weekend. Otherwise, here are some details about Portuguese life that I have been meaning to post:

1) Portuguese love to talk and be around each other always. This means Sundays are typically spent with family. Around noon families gather at a house and begin eating bread with cheese as an appetizer (really good cheese), and talking and drinking coffee. Lunch is a huge affair and desserts are always plentiful. Afterwards there is more coffee and talking and then Church or if not (not everybody is Catholic here) home.

2) The classrooms and houses are almost always freezing in the winter! There is usually not central heating, and schools are not heated either. The temperature when I arrived was around 45ยบ and colder in houses. Now it has warmed up, but houses are still cold.

3) My first day of math class was a little funny becuase x is prounounced "sheesh". I walked in and there was a whole bunch of people saying sheesh, and x also are written different as well so I was so confused! I thought everybody really disliked the class or something.

4) Mustard and Pizza are different here. Not to say that I don't eat them at all, but I definitely prefer them in the US. The mustard is very mild, not sour at all, and pizza is made with a different type of sauce i think and the toppings are nearly always cheese and ham. No pepperoni!

5) Most of the music and tv here is American. Nobody likes rap, surprise surprise. Movies and shows have subtitles in Portuguese, or if they are cartoons they are in Portuguese.

I know I have a whole bunch more to tell, but I can't seem to think of it all now.

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